Transformation is possible…

When you understand the wisdom of your symptoms.

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Sometimes life seems utterly overwhelming – everything seems out of balance in your life. And sometimes living a fulfilling life seems impossible.

Naturally, if certain things in your life were better, you’d WANT to live your best life. Right?

If so, then let’s do something about changing your life around.

Picture feeling more connected to yourself…

Often our symptoms are connected to underlying issues. Learning to see those connections can help us understand ourselves more fully.

Research shows that most clients who are experiencing symptoms such as depression and anxiety return to a higher level of functioning due to receiving therapy.

When you are not connected to yourself, the experience of pain and suffering can feel overwhelming and scary; with support, you can start to understand the wisdom of your symptoms.

Relief is available when you take the next step and reach out for support.

In collaboration, we can work to recognize what is calling for your attention and explore it.

Our therapeutic journey will be thoughtful, engaging, and rewarding. You will come away knowing yourself more intimately than you have before.

There is no time like the present to start your journey…

Hello, I’m Heidi Christensen

PhD Candidate, LMFT

My counseling philosophy honors your innate strength, the wisdom of your experience, and connecting to your inner truth. Our collaborative work together will create an experience of renewal and deeper self-acceptance.

My goal is to help you understand yourself more fully, which can help you lead to a richer and more meaningful life.

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