This is the time…

And therapy is the place where you get started.

We all have a compass inside of us that we can access.

We might feel unsure or lost. We might not know how to access our inner resources. But there is hope, and therapy is the place of healing and possibilities – where we can work together to resolve the pain that is present in your life.

Our work will start with healing the current symptoms bothering you such as stress, depression, anxiety, or relationship issues.

Imagine the freedom that comes from being able to understand yourself more deeply.

Imagine giving yourself hope, freedom, and love.

That is exactly what will happen when you embark on this therapeutic journey.

The process of transformation and healing will bring up feelings and experiences that you haven’t felt in a while. It will not be easy. We will develop tools and support to process and heal these feelings and experiences in a place of care and safety.

Some people find that this is enough and might be a good place to stop. For others, it might have incited curiosity about what is also present that might not be in their awareness, and this process can be longer.

Are you ready to engage your unique process for self-discovery?

Each person and their process are unique and special. We work together to heal the wounds that are creating discomfort and distress.

Contact me today to get started rewriting your story by healing the present difficulties keeping you from experiencing a greater future.

About Me

My mission in life is to show up, inspire others, have deep meaningful connections, and model vulnerability and openness.

The decision I made to pursue this work didn’t come easily or quickly, and it was later in life that I listened to the calling and went back to school to train for this career. This was in part due to my own personal experiences of family members with mental illness.

From these personal experiences, I have compassion and understanding about the challenges people are sharing in my office. This allows me to provide a supportive, engaging, and safe environment.

To do this work, I incorporate a depth-oriented approach which is collaborative and relational; as well as providing pragmatic techniques. I take a Jungian approach to dreams, unconscious content, and creativity as well as often using mindfulness and relaxation practices which can facilitate the healing process in unique and creative ways.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Oregon and Washington, and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of Oregon. My Master’s degree is in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I graduated with a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute with an emphasis in Depth Psychotherapy. My published dissertation is Trauma Bonding in Intimate Partner Violence: A Depth Psychological Understanding.

As a native Oregonian, I grew up in a small town on the river in the woods and love to spend time at the beach. The Pacific Northwest is my home by birth and choice. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, reading, writing, seeing movies, dream work, and traveling.

I am excited to begin the therapeutic journey with you!