Building Stronger and Lasting Relationships

Couples Counseling in Portland, Oregon

Are you looking for more satisfaction in your marriage or relationship?

Imagine feeling more connected to your partner and having deeper intimacy.

Our relationships can provide vitality to our lives; being a source of harmony, love, and support. Or we can feel stressed, exhausted, and tired of having the same struggle. When communication is challenging and difficult, we struggle with the same things over and over.

Improve connection. Increase intimacy.

As a therapist, I can offer you tools and skills to strengthen communication, connection and intimacy, and friendship within your relationship.

You will learn these skills:

  • Identify and Stop Patterns of Conflict
  • Improve Communication and Understanding
  • Make Decisions Collaboratively
  • Heal Relational Wounds and Restore Trust
  • Access and Deepen Emotional Connection
  • Increase Passion and Sexual Intimacy
  • Create Time and Space for Having Fun

Now is the time to call and get the support you need!

Let’s start your journey of changing the chapter of your relationship story today…

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