Life Should Feel Satisfying

The Right Help Can Make the Difference

Psychotherapy in Portland, Oregon

Let’s investigate together what is happening now…

Therapy is an empowering, powerful process where you can start to feel more alive.

When we lose connection to ourselves, we feel lost. We search for answers.

Depression, anxiety, or relationship challenges can be directing our attention to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

It takes courage to start the process of changing old, familiar patterns.

Learning new ways of experiencing can feel vulnerable and scary but imagine yourself feeling calm and confident in your life and relationships.

Experience Powerful Transformation

With your permission and collaboration, the journey we embark on will help you discover your most authentic, meaningful life. The therapeutic process will engage you in learning to access your own inner knowing and help give you the tools you need to understand yourself more deeply.

We can achieve satisfaction in our lives by discovering our subconscious needs.

Today is the day to make a commitment to yourself!

You might be thinking, well maybe later, but…

If not now…


Nothing is more important for our well-being than a decision to grow into more of who we are. Let’s reach your goal of a satisfying life!

Let’s start your journey to living your most authentic life.

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